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BETA 193


BETA Overview

In 2012, MORT 11 established a junior varsity team, MORT Beta, (FRC 193). We are the first team in the world to have an all-freshman robotics team.


MORT 11 expanded so rapidly, we were challenged to find a new and innovative way to keep all of our students engaged and involved. MORT Beta has exceeded expectations in every way, becoming a strong and independent adversary in the FIRST community.

Beta has a Technical Team where all students come together and work on the robot in 3 different subteams: Electrical, Mechanical, and Programming. Our highly experienced and hard-working mentors, help students learn the skills needed. 

Technical Team: 


The Electrical subteam handles the electronic and pneumatic components of the robot. Members of electrical also design the layout of the electrical components to power the subsystems located throughout the robot. The components are put together according to the specifications of Programming and Strategy for each year's game.



 The Programming team is responsible for writing the code that enables the robot to function, score points in autonomous mode, and enhance the driving experience. During the six weeks of MORT University (MORTU), the experienced members of the subteam work together to teach the new members about the electronics of the robot - how to solve problems on their own and how to work Java. 


       The Mechanical team encompasses two main subgroups, both responsible for machining and building the robot.  Mechanical is responsible for ensuring the quality of manufactured parts, testing created designs, and providing feedback to the Design team.

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