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Here on the Mount Olive Robotics Team, we ensure everyone has the best experience during build and competition season while they stay safe. As members of the safety sub team, we encourage you to be safe around the robots and in the pits while informing you how to keep yourself and others from harm, and how to maximize the most of the season without having to worry about your health. 

Our initiatives:

  • Keeping good safety etiquette in the workspace

  • Upholding set safety rules and enforcing them onto new and returning team members

Below is a list of protective equipment which all members are required to adhere by:

  • Members must always wear safety goggles 

  • Always tie hair back if it applies

  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing (clothed toed shoes) 

  • Remove accessories such as watches, necklaces, and tie any loose hair that has a possibility of getting stuck in machinery.

  • Wear gloves when lifting robot  

  • If needed, ask for help when lifting heavy objects (use your legs not your back) 

  • Safety Supplies

    • Quick access to safety equipment is ensured with a fire extinguisher in our metal shop, as well as multiple wash stations and several safety kits located all around the workspace. 

  • Robot Safety

    • To avoid any possible dangers when operating and testing our robot, we have set protocols to follow. 


Covid Safety And Regulations:

Our team will follow the school’s policy for COVID, which means we will wear the   appropriate PPE and take precautions necessary in order to keep people around us safe. 

  • If one does not adhere to what is outlined, you will be sent home to either get the correct PPE or you will be provided with the correct PPE if supplies are available.

Our Team’s Involvement:

  • What We’re Doing:

    • Here at MORT 11 and BETA 193, our safety subteam and mentors perform frequent safety checks. This involves other sub-teams stopping in their tracks as safety members and mentors look around the workspace to check if safety protocols are being followed. If safety protocols are not being followed correctly, they are immediately addressed and corrected by safety members. Along with this, members actively look out for their teammates and assist each other, reminding each other of appropriate clothing for the shop. We also give a safety presentation on caution in all the different workspaces before and during the middle of build season. Each season there is a reorganization of all the safety kits around the shop and workplaces. We also send out a mandatory safety quiz that is given to all the team members at the beginning of build season to ensure all the team members know the basic safety standards to keep our workplace a safe environment.

  • Safety Training:

    • During pre-season, 11 and 193 review safety protocols in a presentation given by our safety captain. All new and existing members are given an overview of everything our team needs to know to maintain a safe environment keeping themselves and others safe. The presentation covers personal protective equipment, dangers and the precautions taken in our workspace, machine check-offs and more. 

  • Safety in competitions 

    • Safety is important both inside and outside the shop: our team brings a fire extinguisher, our large first-aid kit, battery spill kit, and more when attending events. Several of our members are CPR, AED, and First-Aid certified. 

We also hand out safety kits to other teams during competition season ensuring they are equipped at all times in the wake of an emergency. ​

  • 2021-2022 Safety Season 

    • Zero records of fires or battery spills 

    • Won Safety All-Star award 3 separate times at Mount Olive Event, FMA Championships, and Hopper Division at Worlds in 2022 by Sanika Panditrao 

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