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Founded in 1996, MORT is one of New Jersey's longest sustaining FRC teams.


MORT runs efficiently through 2 different aproaches (Tech & Non-Tech).

Within Tech & Non-Tech, there are several sub-teams.


We NEVER keep a wall between the Tech and Non-Tech teams. We've always believed that working together is the key to a unified team. Both teams work collectively in order to construct a better overall team. 



Read below for a breakdown!

Technical Team: 

The Technical Team works on hands with the robot. 



The Electrical subteam handles the electronic and pneumatic components of the robot. Members of electrical also design the layout of the electrical components to power the subsystems located throughout the robot. The components are put together according to the specifications of Programming and Strategy for each year's game.


       The Mechanical team encompasses two main subgroups, both responsible for machining and building the robot. The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) team takes raw pieces of material and converts them into usable robot components such as drive plates, brackets, and all that can be machined from a flat piece of metal. The Prototyping & Assembly team prototype designs at the beginning of build season and assemble the robot as the CNC team delivers parts to them. Mechanical is responsible for ensuring the quality of manufactured parts, testing created designs, and providing feedback to the Design team.



 The Programming team is responsible for writing the code that enables the robot to function, score points in autonomous mode, and enhance the driving experience. During the six weeks of MORT University, the experienced members of the subteam work together to teach the new members about Java.


     The Design team is a group of students who are in charge of the robot's design. This team works with the specifications given by FIRST to create the robot's internal and external design. Utilizing Solidworks, a tool for Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), they create computerized models of parts of the robot. Additionally, they create, edit designs, and work with feedback from Mechanical. 


Non-Technical Team

Project Managers keep MORT on task and organized throughout the season. They communicate with the three other subteams' leads to maintain deadlines and ensure progress is reported.

This team focuses on external factors related to the robot. Sponsors are obtained, events and programs for the community are run, funds are risen for the team, and our team is marketed to the public and local community through social media, videos, and press releases on various platforms.


Ranging from community service and school demos, to appearing at and hosting public events, Impact works to spread the word of MORT, FIRST, and STEAM Education. The Chairman's team is also tasked with driving the values of Gracious Professionalism into the team.



The Business team handles the financial aspects of the team; namely our business plan, fundraising, budgeting, for events. In conjunction with the Chairman's team, Business works to recruit new team members and find new companies to potentially sponsor our team. Business also works to create a business plan that highlights the business-related aspects of the team for the year.


Focuses on presenting MORT in the best way possible.

Constantly are updating all social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. During each week of build season (a time period of building the physical robot for competing) recap videos called MORT in Minutes (MORT 11) and Beta in a Bit (BETA 193) are uploaded to the team YouTube Channel and presented to sponsors. Throughout the year, members are responsible for taking pictures and videos to be uploaded in different forms of entertainment (recap videos, social media, press release, etc). 

Highly suggest following our social media accounts below, we post some cool and fun content like bingos and shoutouts! 


Instagram: @frcmort11

Twitter: @FRC11

Facebook: Mount Olive Robotics Team

YouTube: Mount Olive Robotics Team

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