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FLL (First Lego League): 

MORT gives back to FIRST by hosting and volunteering at state and regional FLL events. Each year, MORT hosts a FLL qualifying event and a FLL championship event in the FMA district. MORT members volunteered as queue runners, judge assistants, and referees! These events give our team the opportunity to demonstrate to people throughout our state about robotics and FIRST. Hundreds of children and adults attend this fun and engaging tournament and learn about different robot teams and designs. This event strongly inspires many of these young students to join a FIRST team.   


The Mount Olive Carnival has always been a MORT event tradition. Located i the park right next to our high school, we ensure ourselves a spot annually. We receive stage time to give a demonstration of our robots (MORT and Beta) and brief rundown of our team. Afterwards, we invited both the children and parents to come up on the stage for a closer look and to ask any questions they might have. Many of the parents expressed their interest in out team and explained their excitement about their children getting involved with FIRST. MORT always enjoys being able to make a positive impact on students and members of our community, exciting them about the opportunities offered to them in the field of STEAM! Additionally, we've started participating in the Mount Olive Fairies and Pirates Festival. Similar to the Carnival, we showcase our robot and invite children to engage with the game elements and ask questions. We look forward to doing these events again next year! 

Science fairs 

Every year, members of MORT volunteer at the Mount Olive District Science Fairs. The science fairs, hosted by each of the elementary schools in Mount olive, manifest STEAM education and encourage students to present their experiments. MORT participates by volunteering to judge the children’s experiments. Moreover, they invigorate STEAM by demonstrating the robot and its capabilities. 


Our team has recently made a custom wheelchair or a student within our elementary school network in Mountain View. The family of a student who couldn't afford an electric wheelchair reached out to us, asking us for assistance. Members of our team designed and assembled the wheelchair free of charge, with special modifications to the family's request.


MORT donated tablets to underprivileged children for them to use to learn about STEM. The Sojihuggles Children's Foundation, a non-profitable organization, contacted MORT to give us around 150 tablets from a hospital contractor. We downloaded STEM-related apps and distributed them through Sojihuggles.

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