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Build Season is Here!

Our team’s Kickoff for the 2020-2021 season started at 11 am on January 9th in anticipation for new updates on the Infinite Recharge game presented by the First Robotics Competition (FRC). We followed a schedule to first discuss the season and then watch the livestream of the Infinite Recharge game on Twitch. After the FRC livestream, we reconvened to talk about how to tackle the three parts of the Infinite Recharge Game which were the Skills Competition, Game Design ,and Innovation Project.

Addie Pavkov, Sumit Mistry, and Aditya Menon (project managers) started the meeting by presenting the overall schedule and expectations for the rest of the season. During the meeting, we discussed how meetings should always be purposeful to drive the team forwards. We also discussed the importance of prioritizing health on the team. These values were established to reinforce the ideals of MORT’s work ethic during the pandemic.

The MORT team watched the Infinite Recharge Game for the 2020-2021 season on Twitch to understand the updates for this year. Then, the team split off into three project groups to analyze the Skills Competition (demonstration of robot and Driver’s skill), Game Design (design and pitch for a new robotics game), and Innovation Project (pitch and prototype to solve a relevant health issue) which were the new updates to the original Infinite Recharge game. Teams started brainstorming and creating a plan for the upcoming weeks in order to successfully implement their projects.

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