On Saturday, March 9th MORT hosted the North NJ FLL Championship event via remote Eventhub (RingCentral). This event was made possible by our immense support from our volunteers, judges, teams, and FIRST organization. A total of 23 teams participated across North NJ from Ringoes, Bridgewater, Montville, Closter, Lebanon, Edison and Monroe Township also won awards during the day-long remote competition. All told, 24 teams competed from Morris, Essex, Hunterdon, Mercer, Bergen, Somerset, Middlesex, Gloucester and Bergen counties.

The North NJ Regional FLL Championship event is the second event that MORT has hosted an FLL competition in 2021 since the FLL Qualifiers event on January 10th. All of the FLL teams played a game called RePLAY where their robot has to move around and interact with obstacles. In addition, the teams had to give a presentation on an innovation they created to raise physical activity in their communities.

This has been a challenging FLL season due to the pandemic. Although all of the teams have rised above the occasion to adapt to their circumstances and still compete in the FLL competition. We would like to thank all the teams for displaying patience and sportsmanship throughout the event.

“This is not your typical school environment and you are given a problem to solve. The journey is more important than the solution where you gain skills such as thinking quickly along with a team,” said Mr.DiCicco, the operational partner for FLL in North NJ.

This year, the veteran team, the Flame Machines won the Champion’s Award at our Qualifiers event in January and won the Champion’s award again during the Championship event. The Champion’s Award is known to be the most prestigious award awarded during an FLL competition to honor a team who has gone above and beyond both in their efforts and actions.

“I am personally proud of our community outreach such as teaching elementary students over Zoom because we had a chance to connect with children who were interested in robotics and also grow our leadership skills,” explained Shining Wang, a member of the Flame Machines team.

“It’s our final year of FLL, so we feel great that we had the honor to win the champions award,”expressed Emily Liu, a member of the Flame Machines team.

Awards Presented:

  • Core Values Award: Lego Lords of Annandale (1st place) and The RoboT technicians of Ringoes (2nd)

  • Innovation Project Award: Thundercats of Skillman (1st) and BotSmiths of Skillman (2nd)

  • Robot Performance Award: Robo Raptors of Fair Lawn (1st) and TechTitans of Monroe Township (2nd)

  • The Robot Design Award: Orion of Robbinsville (1st) and LegoDragons of Edison (2nd)

  • Rising All-Star Award: Area 14 Robotics of Bridgewater

  • Motivate Award: Robo Rockets of Montville

  • Judge’s Award: BOT SQUAD of Closter

  • Engineering Excellence Award: Exit 6 Robotics of Livingston

  • Breakthrough Award: RoboRockets of Lebanon

  • Coach/Mentor Award: Sumit Singh from LegoDragons of Edison

  • Champion’s Award: The Flame Machines

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  • FRC 11

On Saturday, February 20th MORT held a virtual meeting with The Prison Ministry Kids Program. The event had an attendance of 18 children consisting of an age range of 5-11 yrs old. Our MORT members Lisbeth Almonte, Izzie Alvarez, and Moesha Malik volunteered in the program to bring the MORT experience to the children by leading a meeting that started at 12:30pm that was jam packed with STEAM related activities.

To introduce the children to MORT, Moesha gave a presentation regarding what the sub teams do during the build season and how competition season usually runs. The presentation gave the children a chance to see videos of our competition robot in action along with our outreach work. Also, we showed the children that a robotics team is more than just crafting a robot by explaining our community and STEAM impact. Our Beta team’s competition robot was also presented along with their progress during the season.

During the event, each child was given a lego kit to either build an aeroplane or helicopter with help from the MORT members. Our team members showed the children how robots and lego-building share the same values of innovation. After the presentation, many of the children asked the MORT members how they could become part of an FLL team near them. Currently, the MORT team is working with the kids to connect them to nearby FLL teams for them to participate in the next robotics season.

“Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces while opening up their lego kits and coloring books gives us a reason to continue our outreach events and volunteering services for children, “ explained Moesha Malik (media lead).

Our MORT members also explained how they learned how significant the robotics program in our high school is because it has provided a plethora of opportunities for all MORT members. It has opened doors for us to work towards creating a competition robot, but has also challenged us to spread the word of STEAM across state borders.We hope to continue spreading our passion for robotics and STEAM.

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