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  • Akash Gopal & Karthik Menon

MORT Rollout 2024

Updated: Mar 16

On Saturday, February 17th, the MORT 11 and BETA 193 showcased their final robotics to parents, sponsors, and friends after 6 weeks of hard work. MORT’s robot, Shadow, is based off Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic, while BETA’s robot, The Yellow Submarine, is centered around The Beatles. The robots pulled out onto stage, swerving and displaying their style, impressing the audience. We introduced our leads, drive team, pit crew, and showcased our impact presentation and  video. After all the hard work, it was time for the team to refuel, courtesy of an epic lunch potluck with the help from our amazing parent volunteers. 

Bellies full and spirits high, it was off to the practice field for the ultimate showdown. Shadow and The Yellow Submarine, now somewhat celebrities, zoomed around and showed off their skills to everyone. Spectators watched as the robots launched notes into the speaker and the amp. It was a "robo-tastic" show, our robots definitely know how to steal the spotlight!

In the end, the day was more than just a showcase of the robot, it was a celebration of creativity, community, and carbs for MORT, BETA, and all those who supported them. This wouldn’t have been possible without our awesome mentors, parent club, sponsors, and parents! We love you!

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