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FLL Championships

Written by: Ananya Dasoju

On December 10th and 11th, MORT hosted the FLL Championships competition at our high school. First Lego League, widely recognized as FLL, is a FIRST competition challenge which allows kids from the ages of 9-14 to be exposed to science, technology, engineering and math from a young age. Each year, a new game is released with a varying theme, and participants have to build a robot from legos to complete a series of obstacles on the field. Additionally, the kids must engage in a research project related to the yearly theme to find a solution to a real-world problem. This year’s theme was Super Powered, and focused on sustainable energy.

This two day event was filled with excitement! Saturday was dedicated to judging; teams were allocated to rooms with judges, where they were critiqued on their innovation project, robot design, and core values. Volunteers from MORT worked to bring teams to their places, and helped judges with time keeping.

Sunday was all about the bots. We had six game tables for over 70 teams to compete at. MORT volunteers refereed games and guided teams to where they needed to be. The weekend concluded with the awards ceremony where the top 3 teams were given pies, as MORT has traditionally done. A big congratulations to teams 52848 (Dream Squad), 4618 (CyberHawks Blue), and 45814 (MakeEMinds) for the Champions Award, the most prestigious FLL award! Check below for the full list of award winners.

Champions Award

1st: Team 52848 - Dream Squad

2nd: Team 4618 - CyberHawks Blue

2nd: Team 45814 - MakeEMinds

Robot Design Award

1st: Team 18528 - Mega Bots

2nd: Team 52399 - Robo Ravers

3rd: Team 3607 - CoBots

4th: Team 53484 - RoboCrafters

Innovation Project Award

1st: Team 1159 - Panther Power Robotics

2nd: Team 30745 MindsOfSteel

3rd: Team 56305 ProtoBots

Motivate Award

1st: Team 34043 - Cougar Nation

2nd: Team 52500 - MicroMinions

Rising All Star Award

1st: Team 38279 - TechTitans

2nd: Team 57622 - LegoBots

Core Values Award

1st: Team 44859 - Team - Codetrons

2nd: Team 52220 - Potato Power

3rd: Team 56717 - Hillside Hackers

4th: Team 51390 - The Spikers

Breakthrough Award

1st: Team 51389 - Supernova

2nd: Team 55951 - Operation Generation

Engineering Excellence Award

1st: Team 52088 - Roaring Lions

2nd: Team 54591 - Techno Verse

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