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MORT Hosts Remote Coding Camp

During the winter, our team decided to engage middle school students with STEAM-based learning. Our team teaches programming skills to students with the help of our co-programming leads, Vedh Koutha and Nick Tarallo. In addition, the students are given a chance to learn about each subteam that works in MORT including the nontechnical subteams.

The coding camp started on January 7, 2020 and is currently running every Thursday from 6:30pm-7:15pm. There are a total of 17 middle school students who attend the camp seeking to learn STEAM skills from our MORT members. Each subteam leads the first few minutes of discussion with the students by presenting about the role of their subteam on the robotics team. Then, our programming leads teach the students about JAVA coding using a website called to monitor the students’ work and progress.

“All of the students are coming in ready to learn, and it’s great that they are interested in obtaining such an important skill at a young age” said Nick Tarallo, the programming co-lead.

The students will leave the camp being able to understand beginner programming skills and knowledge about MORT. This valuable experience can allow the students to have an interest in pursuing future careers in STEAM as well as business. The month-long coding camp will be ending this week.

“Mort 11’s Coding camp is an amazing opportunity for students to not only learn about programming, but also gain an experience of different types of fields present in today’s world” expressed Moesha Malik, the media lead and co-organizer of the Coding Camp.

Please look forward to more interactive STEAM opportunities from MORT.

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