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  • Ananya Dasoju

MORT Kickoff 1/7/23

Written by: Ananya Dasoju

MORT’s 2023 kickoff weekend started off bright and early with pancakes! The team worked with Applebee’s to organize a breakfast fundraiser, and we’re happy to say it was a success! A big thanks to everyone who showed up and supported us.

After the fundraiser, we headed over to the high school to kick off our season. We sat on the edge of our seats, watching the much anticipated reveal of this season’s game, Charged Up. We then took a lunch break to discuss our thoughts on the game and took time to read through the game manual. Post lunch, the team came together to brainstorm possible robot strategies, and get a deeper understanding of the game. Then, MORT 11 and Beta went their own ways to discuss game strategies. After a long day of discussion, we called it a night and reconvened the next morning.

To start off day 2, MORT 11 broke into individual subteams to discuss robot priorities in relation to subteam goals. We then came back together to discuss all our ideas and create an overall priority list and game strategy. We’re all charged up for build season and can’t wait to see what our team will accomplish in the coming weeks.

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