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MORT's Gears Are Turning Once Again

The MORT Team’s gears are turning once again! This year is a year of re-inventing the team with new faces and a new robot. It would not be an understatement to call this year the start of a renaissance for our robotics team. In the past year, MORT has been able to actively participate in the competition while going all-virtual. We reached new endeavors such as winning the Chairman’s award and organizing a Coding Academy for our local middle schoolers. This year, our Head Coach (Mr. Biery) and the robotics team look forward to a productive season where we can spread the importance of STEAM in our community.

We have initiated MORT University (MORT U) to prepare our new members. In MORT U, each subteam specializes in building skills whether it be understanding how the practice robot functions or finding sponsorship opportunities. In these past weeks, several subteams including Business, Electrical, and Programming have presented to MORT to make sure that the team is aware of the plans for each subteam. We hope to make this season the year of rebirth of MORT.

What’s Going on With Our Subteams



The mechanical subteam has completely reorganized their workshop and tools to better utilize their space during the build season. They have also reshaped their inventory of tools to support their innovations to our robot throughout the season. Along with re-organization, the mechanical team is currently learning about how to use the machines in the mechanical workshop in preparation to take a safety test. Soon, they will start learning how to troubleshoot with the programming subteam.


Similar to the mechanical subteam, the electrical subteam has re-organized the electrical workshop. They have also been setting up 3-D printers which will be used in future projects. Additionally, they have been learning how to do wiring on the circuit board and understanding how to work on the pneumatic board. In the next few weeks, they will start assembling a practice circuit board for this season’s robot.

“It’s gonna be a great year and a lot more team-building in robotics due to our numbers,” said Liam Pereira, a member of the electrical subteam.


The programming subteam has of late disassembled old dysfunctional hardware, freeing up space and clearing out the inventory. They also worked on maintenance of old robots, checking for functional components and making sure that the robot as a whole is still running. The subteam is also planning out future projects, naming and setting up a plan for them. The planned programming language to use this year is Java.

“I’m excited for my first in-person competition,” said Sumeet Singh, a member of the programming subteam.



The media subteam consists of photography, social media management, and other forms of promotion to bring the light of MORT to supporters and sponsors. Currently we have an Instagram (@frcmort11), website, Twitter, and are looking into TikTok. Media in the past weeks has been mainly focusing on working on graphic design for merchandise and organizing a Holiday fundraiser. During the Holiday fundraiser MORT members will sell laser cut coasters, ornaments, keychains, door hangers, and more. From November 29th to December 18th, students request teachers and parents to order through a catalog, where the items are made and delivered on commission. Also, make sure to look out for the relaunch of the MORT in a Minute (MiM) series and Beta in a Bit (BiB) series on youtube which are used to highlight the MORT team's workings.

“I’m looking forward to getting back into competitions. I really miss it,” said Izzie Alvarez, a member of the media subteam.


The business subteam is updating the robotics team’s roster due to new members entering the team in September. In addition, they have created a new sponsorship list and are currently planning to reach out to local businesses. They are also organizing outreach events along with the media to encourage team bonding.

“Very excited and hope to build memories with my team members,” said Aswini Subramanian, a member of the business team.


The Chairman’s subteam has started their drafting process for future blogs by interviewing the subteams and advisors on the team for what they have been working on before MORT U. Every week, the Chairman’s subteam will release a blog on this website based on the events that MORT participates in and updates on what the team is accomplishing during MORT U. Additionally, they have been planning out the theme for this year's Chairman's Award Submission and plan on starting the submission process soon.

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