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Mt Olive Competition

Written by: Ananya Dasoju

On March 11th and 12th, MORT hosted the annual FMA District Mount Olive Event, and it was a huge success! The competition ran for two days and 38 teams from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey competed. This is the first Mt Olive Competition that was open to the public since the pandemic.

Throughout the event, MORT was able to maintain first rank due to the drive team’s successful auton and consistent scoring of points. MORT upheld a winning streak for all of the qualification matches, and ended up being Alliance 1 captain.

During Alliance selections, MORT selected teams 1676, Pascack Pioneers, and 4573, Rambotics, to be a part of their alliance. Alliance 1 won their first and second playoff matches, but lost their third one. Despite this, they won in playoff 13 and as a result, became a finalist.

MORT won the Quality Award and MORT BETA won the Imagery Award. Additionally Alex Curtis, one of our mentors, won the volunteer of the year award!

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