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  • Ananya Dasoju

Warren Hills Competition

On March 25th and 26th, MORT participated in the first ever FMA District Warren Hills Event, and we had so much fun! Although we did maintain the #2 rank for the majority of the qualification matches, by the end MORT obtained the #1 spot and ended up being alliance 1 captain!

During alliance selections, MORT selected team 1676, the Pascack Pioneers, and team 8588, the Tech Devils to be a part of Alliance 1. Unfortunately, in match 1 of round 1, alliance 1 lost to alliance 8 with a score of 129-123. Due to a coding issue for team 8588, alliance 1 implemented a backup team, Blue Bears (6943), to compete with them for the remainder of their matches.

In match 5 of round 2, alliance 1 was able to win against alliance 4 with a score of 118-77! This allowed them to compete in match 10 of round 3. In this match, however, alliance 1 lost to alliance 2 with a score of 121-110, ultimately eliminating them from the competition.

Although both MORT and MORT Beta did not advance to the finals, this event was still a success for both teams. Beta won the Imagery award for the second time, and MORT won the Impact Award! Additionally, a big congratulations to our head coach, Don Biery, for winning the Donald Bowers award!

Thank you to everyone involved for making this event a success!

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