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What’s Going On with Our Subteams?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021


The electrical team reviewed the electrical system by watching

videos and virtually examining past robots. To practice these skills, the subteam discussed how to rewire a practice electrical board. Members took turns finding and correcting errors on the board to practice troubleshooting for the upcoming season.

“I definitely think MORT U is a bigger challenge this year due to it being virtual. However, I think with some creativity and perseverance, we can make the best of it,”said Danny Davis, electrical team Lead.

In the mechanical team, a mentor ran a livestream from his personal workshop to go over how to use mechanical tools and machines. Several videos and material were also covered to reinforce the learning during the livestream.

The programming team started by focusing on the fundamentals of command-based programming. This involved programming subsystems that interact directly with hardware and then creating commands that utilize these subsystems to do specific tasks. They have also begun to learn about advanced control and vision processing methods. With these methods, students are going to develop ways to automate complex robotic tasks such as following paths or tracking objects on the field. Eventually the programmers will apply these concepts to improve the competition robot.

“Continuing to meet for MORT U despite the obvious obstacles in the way is ensuring that vital knowledge and experience is passed onto students for future years, paving the way for long-term success for MORT," said Nick Tarallo, programming co- lead.

The design team has been learning the functionality and proper usage of new commands on Solid Works, the software used to design the robot each year. Also, the design lead encouraged members to brainstorm ideas on what should be designed for the competition robot. As a result, students have thoroughly drafted and reviewed multiple designs regarding the ball intake and drivetrain.


The business team has been working diligently to secure previous sponsors and plan out future fundraising opportunities. Students have reached out to local businesses such as Panera and Bubakoos to fundraise for the team and encourage the Mount Olive community to support local businesses. Additionally, the subteam has continued to brainstorm new fundraising ideas that fit the remote world.

“Our new normal in this pandemic definitely puts a hindrance to our normal fundraising ideas, but that has not stopped us. The business team has worked hard to create new and unique ideas that fit this new virtual world," said Vinay Jagadeesh, business lead.

The chairman’s team has been working on future press releases and blog posts for the MORT website. Also, the team will be revamping its chairman’s award submission (essay and short answers) for the upcoming competition season.

The media team worked throughout the summer to successfully launch our new MORT website. During MORT U, members have focused on updating the media contacts list and updating social media such as Instagram and Facebook. In collaboration with the business team, media is planning a coding camp for Mount Olive Middle School and the local JEI Learning Center students.

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