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Keeping Up With the Subteams

Recently, we have ended our MORT University (MORT U) sessions with our subteams. After our Kickoff on January 9th, build season has officially started for MORT. Our subteams have started working on new challenges (innovation, games design, and skills) and planning their build season. We hope to make new improvements to our current robot, award submissions, and outreach by the end of the build season.


The mechanical team addressed mechanical issues to fix on the robot in order for the robot to perform its best during the skills challenges. The subteam was able to get physical shop time in the highschool in order to clean up the workshop. They have also focused on the games design challenge by brainstorming ideas outside of the box.

The programming team reviewed the different aspects of the skills challenge and has decided what their plans for tackling the FRC skills challenge are. The subteam has also reviewed code from last year to refresh their memories and make further improvements upon past code. Now they are working on fixing any outstanding issues from last year, so that they can begin to expand on the current code to meet the needs of their skills challenges which have a heavy focus on autonomous operation.

The design team has collaborated with the mechanical team to work on the games design challenge. The subteam split into groups to come up with rules, game elements, and themes which were compared to decide on one game. The game was designed to make sure that everyone, regardless of skill and budget, has a chance to win. They are also coming up with new ways to improve upon the game design.


The chairman’s team has released a new press release and blog post about the Mt.Olive FLL North NJ Regional Qualifiers Event. The team has also focused on collaborating with the media subteam to create a draft proposal for the innovation challenge to be presented on Tuesday to MORT. Soon the team will start focusing on reviewing their past Chairman’s submission and reaching out to other FRC teams.

The media team has started reaching out to the community via social media. They consistently post on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep people up to date on MORT 11’s fundraisers, blog posts, and press releases.

The business team split their attention to work on both the innovation challenge and future fundraising options. Regarding the innovation challenge, the team worked on a draft proposal to be presented to the MORT this Tuesday Last week, the business team helped MORT have their first successful fundraiser in this pandemic at Panera, while maintaining proper social distancing and safety protocols. They have planned future fundraisers, including a Bubbakoos fundraiser on Thursday, 1/28.

Please show this flyer or mention MORT when purchasing to donate to our team on Thurs, Jan 28th at the listed Bubbakoos location.

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