• Ammar Mujtaba

MORT Clothes Fundraiser

Recently, MORT has partnered up with the Red Cross to create a clothes fundraiser. We will be collecting clothes from January 24th to February 4th. This idea was created based on feedback from our Non-tech subteam. One of the largest reasons for this event was because we wanted to create events to support our local community. Over the pandemic, many have suffered from the economical and medical consequences. We hope that through this clothes fundraiser we could alleviate at least some of the stress of those around the country.

In the weeks of the clothes fundraiser, two advisors will be standing near the guidance office to collect clothes. If you see a clear box which says “MORT” on it please stop by and drop off your clothes. We are accepting clothes, linens, and even teddy bears. Anyone is welcome to donate as long as the instructions on the flyers are followed. On each donation, the tag room of the student will be written down. By the end of the fundraiser, the donations will be counted up and the tag with the most donations will have the chance to play their song of choice every day of a week selected by the administration.

The Key Club Chapter of Mount Olive High School is also supporting this project by reaching out to their members. If you would like to participate in this service event, please share our flier with your organizations and clubs. We would greatly appreciate your support and hopefully would like to collaborate on more service events in the future.

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