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MORT is Back Like We Never Left!

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing our robotics season to an abrupt halt in 2020, Mount Olive Robotics Team (MORT) has persevered through new challenges and is looking forward to our upcoming competition season. To cope in these unconventional times, our team has heavily emphasized communication. Through remote conversations about the future, our team we have created new projects for our sub-teams and have raised the team’s spirit. The disappointment of not being able to compete last season has only made our team more eager to compete in 2021. MORT is truly back this season like we never left.

We have launched MORT University (MORT U) remotely in preparation for the upcoming season. In MORT U, each subteam specializes in building skills whether it be understanding how the mechanical workshop operates or reaching out to local businesses. In these past weeks, our team met every Tuesday and Thursday through Google Meets. We also actively communicated through Slack, which is a social media platform that connects all of our mentors and subteams.

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