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  • Akash Gopal & Karthik Menon

MORT Kickoff 2024: Crescendo

Written by: Akash Gopal and Karthik Menon

In 2024, MORT's kickoff weekend kicked off with a bang - and a stack of delicious pancakes! The secret ingredient? Our successful pancake fundraiser with Applebee’s where our members served breakfast. The real sizzle, though, was the highly anticipated reveal of this season’s game, Crescendo, at Mount Olive High School. This year, we invited teams 3142 (Aperture) and 9015 (Questionable Engineering) to join in on our kickoff fun and crank up the excitement!

After a productive lunch break reading the game manual (and eating pizza), we dived into brainstorming robot strategies and analyzing the game. Everyone was split into groups and rotated around to different stations where we discussed various aspects of the game. The day wrapped up with plans to regroup the next morning, but not before a few laughs and some top-notch team banter.

On day two, MORT and Beta broke into their individual teams to hash out our robot priorities. After brainstorming all day, we whipped up an overall priority list, and cooked up a game strategy that got us all fired up for the build season. We can’t wait to see what our team will accomplish in the coming weeks!  

Check out our kickoff vlog here:

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